Tenant Space Improvements - New Owner Occupancy - New Construction

Fire Department Requirements

Before a business license is approved, the space will require an inspection by the Fire Department. The type and number of inspections will depend upon the business and location.


Tenant Space Improvements, New Business in an Existing Space

 If the occupancy type has not changed (ex. Retail space remains a retail space) – An initial fire inspection will ensure the space has the required fire extinguishers (serviced or manufactured within one year of the inspection), working exit signs and emergency lighting, appropriate egress paths and portals. If the space or building has an alarm or fire sprinkler system, those systems will need a current inspection tag from a licensed technician. Contact the fire marshal to schedule an inspection.

If the occupancy type (usage) has changed or will change (ex. Retail space to be used to manufacture products; Office space converting to preschool; Etc.) – An initial inspection or plan review will be required to ensure the appropriate fire protection systems are either in place or will be installed prior to a business license being approved. This includes underground supply, thrust block(s), and flushing. Once the systems are installed, a fire inspector will need to conduct tests on those systems (tests are usually scheduled by the system contractor), then a final fire clearance inspection will be performed before approval of a business license application.

New Construction 

Plans shall be submitted to the city for construction and fire protection systems. North Logan City accepts deferred submittals for the fire protection systems. Please see http://www.northloganfire.org/building-contractor-info for contractor and construction information pertaining to the Fire Department.