Information for builders and contractors


“What address should I send site/construction plans to?”

- All fire alarm and fire sprinkler plans must be submitted to a 3rd-party reviewer before they will be considered for approval by the fire marshal.

Any of the reviewers below are satisfactory:

Protection Consultants Incorporated
1199 S Main St.
Centerville, UT 84014-2267

Craig Blue, P.E. 
Fire Suppression Design Group Consulting and Engineering
1971 West 3300 South #A
West Valley City, Utah 84119
Fax: 801-886-3493

Superior Fire Protection Services
5406 W. 11000 N. Suite #510
Highland Utah, 84003

Scott Adams, FPE
Adams Fire & Life Safety Consultants
4728 S Redtail Hawk Bay
Murray, UT 84117

“Do you accept electronic submittals?”

Yes. All of the reviewers as well as North Logan City accept electronic submittals. Check with the individual reviewer concerning format, NLC prefers pdf files.


“Is there a fee for plan review by the fire department?”

No. But alarm and sprinkler plans submitted to 3rd party reviewers will be charged a fee by the reviewer in addition to postage/shipping.


“Is there a fee for inspections or final occupancy during the construction process?”

No. Those fees are covered in the permit and licensing process.


“My building is a school/institution/hospital, how are those plans processed or reviewed?”

In addition to the normal process, a set of plans must also be sent to the State Fire Marshal office. Contact Richard Gee for information concerning that process

Richard Gee


“Are alarm and sprinkler tests required and do they need to be witnessed?”

- Alarm testing, per NFPA 72, is required and must be witnessed by a North Logan fire official before a final inspection will be scheduled

- Fire sprinkler hydrostatic, flush and thrust block inspections, per NFPA 13, must occur and be witnessed by a North Logan fire official  prior to a final inspection being scheduled.


Contact North Logan Fire Marshal to schedule inspections or tests:

Jason Killinen
2005 North 1200 East
North Logan, UT 84341
801-558-0760 mobile
435-755-5739 office
435-792-4236 fax